Dispelling the Myths of Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity – Part 1

Data backup (Backup), disaster recovery (DR), and business continuity (BC) are the most misinterpreted concepts in It. There are lots of misconceptions and myths surrounding Backup, DR, and BC. We will define and discuss these important concepts within this number of articles. We’ll also discuss the significance of getting a company disaster recovery plan along with a business continuity plan, in addition to testing your plans.

Disaster Strikes

Exactly what is a disaster for the business? There are lots of things that may be disastrous for your business. We define a tragedy just like any event that stops you against operating your company inside a normal manner. Many occasions we consider fire, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, etc. As disasters. But disasters are available in many sizes and amounts of severity. We’d one client that known as in regards to a flooded building which was condemned through the fire marshal. The ton was the result of a faulty watering around the 3rd floor that caused water to circulate through all 3 floors from the building. Another client known as a good overflowing toilet that flooded their suite. Another client known as in regards to a complete power and knowledge failure for their building the result of a backhoe in a neighboring construction site. After which there’s the disaster of the system crashing to begin losing everything around the hard disk as well as your information is unrecoverable.

Many of these are types of disasters which are localized one building, just one suite inside a building, or simply your business’ I.T. department.

Why do you want Disaster Recovery?

Based on many expert sources including Gartner, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and also the College of Texas, 70% of companies that have a significant loss of data are bankrupt within twelve months and 94% of companies struggling with a catastrophic loss of data don’t survive. With individuals types of odds it is just like betting your company in Vegas without having some type of disaster recovery in position.

Disaster Recovery

Let us discuss disaster recovery generally. DR is a lot more than simply copying your computer data for an exterior media for example tape, hard disk, or perhaps a cloud-based disaster recovery data center. Should you wish disaster recovery then you must have off-site, duplicate:

IT Infrastructure

Current copy of your computer data

Remote Access

The duplicate IT infrastructure can vary in quantity and level but at least you ought to have sufficient sources to operate all of your business critical application and supply use of all of your business critical data to have an indefinite time period. Your computer data ought to be replicated daily towards the cloud based or private cloud disaster recovery location and also you need reliable remote use of these sources.


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