Loa T-Tool

The phrase the Loa is straightforward: We be a magnet for everything we give our focus on – whether wanted or undesirable.

Attraction functions by vibration. We vibrate through our:

– Ideas

– Feelings

– Feelings

– Moods

Everything we consider causes a feeling that feels either bad or good. The sum of the our feelings produces the mood that sets the regularity from the vibrations we are emitting. These vibrations go into the atmosphere and, just like a magnet, pull into our way of life more encounters that match our overall vibrational frequency.

More often than not, we are not aware in our vibrations. We respond to daily situations within the moment and pay little focus on whether our vibrations are negative or positive.

Now we have made the decision to become more conscious of our vibrations because we have found that if we are not mindful of what we are vibrating, we’ll keep attracting a jumbled range of encounters. I refer to this as awareness “deliberate attraction.”

Deliberate Attraction is a straightforward, three-step process by which the Loa delivers your preferred experience.

– Step A: Get clearness concerning the outcome you would like.

– Step B: Lift up your vibration to fit your desire.

– Step C: Allow what you’ve requested for to reach.

Step A: Get clearness concerning the outcome you would like.

How will you become obvious by what you need to do want? Here is a guaranteed way:

Examine briefly what you wouldn’t want with regards to becoming obvious by what you need to do want.

Describe, by putting into words, exactly what does not feel great. Whenever you briefly examine a topic that does not feel great using the aim of altering it, then you are really eliminating an undesirable vibration and replacing it having a wanted vibration. (“Briefly” is how long it requires you to definitely notice something does not feel great. For many people, “briefly” might be merely a couple of seconds for other people, this method might take a couple of days.)


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