Growth hacking tips to increase your traffic


Growth hacking refers to blending marketing, product, and data strategies and employing rapid experimentation across different marketing channels to pinpoint the most effective ways to drive accelerated and accumulative business growth under a SaaS marketing agency.


As a B2B SaaS marketing agency, we work with a unique set of goals and priorities for each stage of your company’s growth.

Growth hacking tips:

Use incentives to generate a self-perpetuating growth appliance:

Your ultimate growth hacking target is to find a method for your online store to automatically operate traffic to itself so that it continues to grow exponentially without you having a lift a finger under a SaaS marketing agency.

Although it resonates like an idea from a sci-fi movie, Dropbox has done it. They came up intending to use incentives to encourage existing users to share the service with their friends in exchange for 16GB of free storage under a growth hacking agency.

Remember that it has to be a mouth-watering incentive to generate enough interest.

Go where your customers hang out:

Identifying the sites your customers frequent and leveraging that data to develop creative solutions to capture their attention is one of the tried-and-true hacks to generate traffic under a SaaS marketing agency.

Airbnb used Craigslist to reach its potential customers and get them revealed. Think about the kind of shoppers you target, what other absorptions, hobbies, or habits they might have, and how you can use that to your advantage under a growth hacking agency.

Create high-quality free tools and resources:

Discover free content is an excellent manner to expose your paid-for products to high-traffic strengths. Many marketers are familiar with this hack. 

Consider different kinds of content and resources that could attract your estimated audience – videos, guides, calculators, free stock figures, tutorials, certified groups, etc. – and double down on generating something exceptional that customers will appreciate and share with others.

Growth hacks to increase traffics:

Optimize your store for search engines

Search engine optimization is the best way to drive traffic to your eCommerce website. Not only because of the latest estimates, but organic traffic accounts for half of all web traffic under a SaaS marketing agency.

Meet your customers on social media

A potential marketing channel to harness is social media. Nearly 60 percent of the world has a social media account, and social commerce is predicted to generate global revenue of USD 6.6 trillion in 2030.

Given these statistics, failing to leverage social media to acquire new customers or even bring them to your digital store may not just be a missed opportunity – it may be a catastrophe under a growth hacking agency.

Generate leads through chatbots

Chatbots have come a long way from being intrusive pop-ups. They have evolved into AI-powered lead-generation tools that effectively understand the prospects’ needs, cultivate relationships through conversations, and convert prospects into customers without human intervention.

Chatbots can be used at multiple levels of the marketing funnel for lead nurturing. For example, at the top of the funnel, chatbots can improve information capturing and encourage content downloads. 

At the middle of the funnel, chatbots can enhance consideration for your products under a SaaS marketing agency.

At the bottom of the funnel, chatbots identify high-potential leads and send customer data to the sales team under a growth hacking agency.

Leverage alternative digital marketing

Investing digital marketing efforts and resources into channels unexplored by competitors always pays off in any industry.

Many businesses are experimenting with alternative digital media and content formats to differentiate themselves from competitors and find new audiences under a SaaS marketing agency. It holds for eCommerce as well.

Acquire new customers through ads

Drawing prospective customers to your eCommerce website may only sometimes bring you the most qualified leads for conversion under a SaaS marketing agency. By investing in different advertising models across platforms with billions of users, eCommerce businesses can target audiences based on specific and business-relevant parameters under a growth hacking agency.

Through this, they can generate maximum value from their digital marketing expenditure and acquire prospects that are easier to convert.

Make exploration and discovery easy.

How accessible you make it for your consumers to find or discover their most desired products can differentiate you from your competitors under a SaaS marketing agency. 

It is facilitated through a masterfully created website navigation structure and an effective search bar to help customers zero in on products and collections under a growth hacking agency.

Personalize customer experiences

Personalized customer experiences aren’t just a gimmick – these have significant revenue potential and the power to differentiate your brand from your competitors. 

A proven way to turn personalization into increased conversions in eCommerce is through product recommendations under a SaaS marketing agency.

Create a robust customer support framework

As an eCommerce business, customer relationship management is critical to delivering outstanding experiences and driving loyalty under a SaaS marketing agency. One of the most effective ways to enhance customer relationships is through seamless customer support.


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