Several Good Features of Kajabi That Make It Worth It

One of the things that you should know about Kajabi is that it is a global leader in online course development because of its all-inclusive features. It can also be called an “all-in-one” feature. Now, many people out there would like to know what that means. Kajabi features permit one to do away with several 3rd party combinations (integrations) and management system – like email marketing and also web hosting. But many people would like to know whether Kajabi is worth the money or is kajabi worth it? Here in this guide, you will come to know about the Kajabi pricing plans and some of the main reasons as to why you should choose kajabi for online course platform.

Pricing and Key Skins (features)

Let’s first take a gander at the Kajabi pricing plans. Kajabi provides 3 distinct plans. The first is the basic plan, for which you have to pay $149 per month, or $119 per month when billed annually. Next is the growth plan, under which you have to pay $199 per month and $159 per month when billed annually. Next is the Pro plan, in which you have to pay $399 per month and $319 per month when billed annually. For online course development, Kajabi is one of the best in-built infrastructures which removes the need for a 3rd party marketing tools and management. And, one of the best things about the Kajabi pricing plan is that you can use most of the features, no matter which plan you choose.

Other Skins of Kajabi Plans –

Besides all of that, pricing tiers mainly depend on the marketing features, like the number of digital products that you can sell, the membership site, the sales, or the contacts that you are allotted as per the plan. Kajabi platform comprises of a website builder, blog, which permits one to get rid of the 3rd party hosting platform like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace. You can also develop a beautiful landing page. Plus, Kajabi comprises a built-in email marketing tool, which removes the need for other marketing tools like ConvertKit and MailChimp. One of the best parts that, you will know about the Kajabi is that, you are never charged with any kind transaction fee in the Kajabi pricing plan.

Important Features of the Kajabi Plans:

The first and foremost thing, which we have already discussed, is that with Kajabi there is no transaction fee. Then, the next best thing is that you can do the payment processing with PayPal and Stripe. Also, there is a real-time (online) analytics. You also get that with Kajabi courses and page building customization. There is also in-built video streaming and a private community. You can get unlimited video hosting. There is also a sales funnel builder. Kajabi also offers a mobile app and a content-dripping feature. You can do the assessment and create unlimited landing pages and marketing emails. Now, let’s look at whether Kajabi offers a free plan or not.

14 Day Free Trial –

But the fact is that Kajabi doesn’t offer any free plans. However, you can take any of their plans on trial for 14 days for free, and that will give you an idea and broaden your horizons on the subjects. The basic plan of Kajabi will cost you $119 per month with an annual subscription, which compared to other plans is very steep. Another point that you ought to note is that Kajabi offers incredible features, and you can save your bucks elsewhere by discarding other not-necessary tools for hosting, email marketing, analytics, and other things that are great.


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