Space Tourism Points at Bigger Ventures into Space

Space travelling was, for decades, considered a reserve of a few scientists with the best qualifications. However, things have changed so much between 1969, the time of the first successful mission into the moon, and the 21st century. Today, you do not need to be a scientist to fly to space. Indeed, no one will probably ask for academic papers because all you need is to be in good health and afford a ticket. Welcome to the world of space tourism!

The rapid growth of space tourism is now being considered a pointer to bigger things in future. This post takes a deeper look at space tourism to demonstrate why it is likely to redefine the focus of the globe. 

Space Tourism Allows All Willing Persons to Travel to Space 

When Dennis Tito informed NASA of his intent to travel to space, they declined. However, he was allowed to join Soyuz TM-32 mission and his dream of travelling to space became true. Now, the companies involved in space tourism believe that anyone in good health, can afford, and is willing to travel to space should be given a chance. 

Instead of visiting that holiday destination back home, be it the Bahamas or the Alps, booking a flight to space will be easy and enjoyable. Even the high cost of travelling is coming down pretty fast. For example, Virgin Galactic is charging $250,000, which is only a small fraction of the $20 million that Dennis Tito, the first space tourist, paid. 

It Might Be Possible to Conquer Other Planets 

Scientists are always looking for ways to create and discover new resources, and other planets might be the best place to look for them. Taking a closer look at the leading space companies, such as SpaceX, and the ease with which they deliver heavy loads to space, there is no doubt that it is a matter of time before reaching other planets to exploring them. Just like traveling to space has become a reality, a trip to the moon might also be possible in the years to come. 

The New Window to Space Manufacturing: Andrey Bokarev

The mind of a business person is always inclined to identifying an area he is able to enjoy a competitive advantage. This is the model that successful managers, such as Andrey Bokarev, have used to grow their business empires. Now, it appears that manufacturers, such as Andrey Bokarev, are not about to stop, and their focus is trained on space manufacturing. 

Like space exploration, space manufacturing is expected to become a major boom for both private companies and governments. The goal is making products that can be made more cost effectively in space than here on earth, such as improved semiconductor wafers and growth of protein crystals. In the coming years, this is expected to be a full-blown niche as more research is directed into space manufacturing. For 

Space tourism has only opened the doors to a sea of new opportunities, from reaching to other planets to space manufacturing. Now that more private companies are involved, space discoveries and successes are likely to become a reality even faster


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