Top 5 mentoring platforms You should be aware of

Make a list of your precise objectives and the type of influence you want your mentors to have on your career before you begin your search. Do you want someone to help you with your unsuccessful networking attempts, educate you on a certain subject, or offer suggestions on how to start a profitable business?

You will find the best mentors and form partnerships to help you realize your professional goals by being clear about your expectations, goals, and objectives through mentoring platforms. Don’t be constrained, and consider unconventional ideas. You can find great mentors in various contexts, so go outside your current employment. Mentors can offer the assistance a business needs while an entrepreneur works to grow and attract new customers. Many business owners have found that having a mentor enables them to grow professionally and thrive in a team environment.

Mentors can assist students in acquiring the knowledge they need to decide on important future decisions through mentoring platforms. They typically have access to the enormous network of a much more experienced or seasoned entrepreneur, which might help them in their search for funding or resources. However, one of the most difficult challenges entrepreneurs and students encounter is finding a good mentor when one’s professional network is small. Thankfully, technology has offered a remedy: Online Mentoring Platforms. Keep on reading to learn more!


  • Founded in 2019 by Kenny Hanson and Lawson Taylor
  • Their goal was to create mentoring platforms for growth-oriented people who wish to invest in ideas and development.


  • The student-centered initiative iMentor assists low-income kids in completing high school and succeeding in college.
  • Through iMentor, students have one-on-one meetings with mentors in person or online. As a result, students form strong bonds that encourage them to work toward their objectives.
  • To ensure every child has a mentor, iMentor collaborates with public schools in New York City.


  • Mentor Monkey, created by Aamir Qutub, “Australian Young Business Leader of the Year” honoree himself.
  • Before establishing Mentor Monkey, he gained experience by working with several businesses, including Clann, Com Writer, Quizword, etc.
  • The most excellent thing about them is that they don’t concentrate on professionals but on business owners, people looking for work, and people who are already working but want to advance in their professions.
  • What do they provide? Every person of any level can be trained via job-ready certification, mentoring, articles, e-books, videos, webinars, podcasts, etc. ( from a student to CEO)


  • The world’s largest group or community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and business mentors may interact online through the MicroMentor program to exchange ideas, work out issues, and grow profitable businesses.
  • Through mentoring, their skilled staff is bridging geographic divides and delivering business resources at scale to neglected regions worldwide.
  • Micro Mentor has promoted around 75k+ links worldwide since 2008.


Mentoring platforms link knowledge providers and advice seekers, including professionals, students, business owners, and experts. These systems offer voice, video, chat, and calendar tools and facilities to have a fantastic mentoring experience. With the AskMe platform, you can now get professional and personal guidance more quickly than ever. Relationships between mentors and mentees can bridge the skills gap and alter lives. Mentoring platforms can significantly impact career trajectories. With the help of these platforms, mentors and mentees can concentrate on particular subjects to ensure customized learning and the sharing of knowledge and skills.

Why Choose AskMe as your Mentoring Platform?

  • Direct access to a concentrated group of remarkable, highly sought-after mentors, including bestselling authors, entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, professionals of the highest caliber, and specialists.
  • Having access to thousands of Experts / Mentors from our global database of experts, and being able to search for, find, and directly communicate with any of them on a single platform.
  • The AskMe platform also has a rating element, allowing users and mentees to choose based on the reviews and ratings of other mentees.
  • It is simpler and more convenient for both mentors and mentees. We provide reasonably priced 20-minute bitesize sessions with transparent and indicated charges.
  • AskMe includes built-in video and audio calling, availability, scheduling, booking calendars, and sending and receiving secure payments in one location.
  • There are no upfront subscription or onboarding fees for mentors and mentees. There are no unstated costs. Only the services that mentees book and use require payment.
  • Mentors will be paid for any sessions they lead after deducting a 15% platform charge.

How will you benefit from mentorship platforms?

  • Exposure: A well-designed mentorship program is a great way to get started if you’re a student or preparing to enter the workforce. However, not all of what is taught in textbooks can be learned solely from theoretical knowledge.
  • Shaping up: Yes, this is the most crucial time to deepen your professional connections through mentoring schemes. Diversity expands opportunities, builds networks, and provides a depth of skills and expertise that exceeds your expectations. Go for the stars, people!
  • Increase confidence: The experience you gained during the will increase your overall confidence.

In the end,

Get a Mentor Right Now! Mentors can give professionals and students the inspiration and advice they need to succeed. Technology has made it so simple to connect with a great mentor that coaching and assistance are now just a click away. And if you are looking for one, do contact the experts at AskMe!


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